Welcome to Erik's Page

So who is Erik Huizer anyway?

I am married and a proud father of three beautiful daughters (Ajiet, Lotus and Dido). I do not drink any alcoholic beverages, so please don't offer me a beer or wine.

In 2014 I was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame and in 2015 the Dutch ICT sector named me "ICT Personality of the year". How cool is that!

I am currently CEO at GÉANT after several years as CTO at SURFnet. Before that I was Managing Director Information Society at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Until september 2015 I was also a part-time professor Internet Applications at University of Utrecht. I remain a Research Associate at the University. Topics I am involved in are: Educational and Research Networking, Media developments, Social Media, Digital Video archives, Cyber Security, Privacy, Identity, copyright, DNS, IPv6, optical networking, cloud services, Future Internet, digital culture, social impact of the Internet and Internet Governance.

Previous positions include Vice President for Internet and New Media at Technicolor and Director Strategy, innovation and Business Development with NOB Cross Media Facilities. From 2000 till 2004 I was part-time professor for Internet applications at Twente University. I used to be managing director of the SURFnet Expertise Center (SURFnet ExpertiseCentrum, SEC). I have been strongly involved with the GigaPort project, the Dutch project for the next generation Internet.

Before that I used to work for SURFnet bv on projects that dealt with developing and introducing new services. I also initiated and participated in several EU projects. I served as Area Director for the Applications area of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and as such a member of the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). I also served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board. I was chairman of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF).

I am a member of the supervisory board (Raad van Toezicht) of the NTR

I have been chairing the National Cyber Security Centre Stakeholder Group. I also was chairing the Dutch national IPv6 Task Force. I have been serving on the board of ECP , the board of GÉANT , the Advisory Board of SIDN Fonds, the Advisory Board of the Internet Society and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Information Law. I was 'captain of science' in the Dutch Topteam for the Creative Industry. I served as chair of the Board of Trustees of Stichting NLnet, I served on the Board of the Public Interest Registry (.org), the Board of Trustees for the Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland and the Advisory board of Bits of Freedom. I also served on the board of IIP Create and as a member of the Kamer van Morgen of Kennisnet. I have served on the board of trustees of the Internet Society,  I served on the Board of Directors of Eurofiber. I was member (later chairman) of the board of the Amsterdam Digital City (DDS), I was chairman of the board of The European Internet Seminars Foundation. I was a member of the Dutch Expert Group on Broadband, a member of the commissie Andriessen, a member of the Advisory Board for the Media- and Entertainment management program at the CHN university Netherlands and a pioneer member of the Internet Society. Co-founder of ECP NL, Internet Society Nederland and Privacy & Identity Lab.

What am I doing today?

You can find out what I am currently doing on Twitter.


I used to sing in a band called "Frits en de Theezakken" that was fun. Nowadays I just listen to music. Find me on Spotify as Milkshake2 to find out what I am listening to these days.


See my photo postings on Flickr


I like making video items. Though I admit that I like editing and directing rather than the camera and sound stuff. Everything I made so far is targeted at specific audiences and way too boring (or too private) for Youtube.


I love acting and directing. I used to direct a theatre choir until 2004. Biggest production was the Opera Carmen in 2003. Since then my daughters require my attention and my theatre ambitions have been shelved.

Other things

I loved coaching the field hockey team of my youngest daughter with Kampong and I am still a big field hockey fan. I am addicted to gadgets and the Internet. And I love cycling, it's my way to get Zen.

Some publications I wrote or contributed to

(full text not always available online due to copyright)

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o        Structuur en organisatie van het Internet

o        De centrale organisaties van het Internet

o        De infrastructuur en de toepassingen van het Internet

o        Ontwikkelingen in de Internet-technologie

o        Beveiliging op het Internet

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